We help everyday people to invest in the startups they love.

Wefunder is like Robinhood for pre-IPO startups. We’re the largest funding platform that helps everyday people invest in startups they love. Over the past few years, we’ve helped fund over 900 startups with $450M+, including flying cars, space rockets, breweries, Hollywood studios, and cancer cures. Our goal is to inspire 20,000 more founders to get started, encourage them to think bigger, hone their pitch, and give them the funding they need to prove to the “normals” in the world that they are not crazy (or, at least, crazy in a lucrative way).

We launched in the US in 2012. Four years later the laws rolled out allowing us to operate, but it took until 2021 for them to be reformed to be workable. We’re looking for someone who is excited about the opportunity to create. You’re our first Financial Controller hire, and in this role you’ll build processes and systems from the ground up. If done well, you’ll leave a big impact on Wefunder and the industry for many years to come.

Wefunder's Story 💡  https://wefunder.com/wefunder

Our Public Benefit Corp Mission 🎙 https://wefunder.com/charter

Why Wefunder

We’re a team of founder types. We invest in people with potential, who are looking to punch above their weight. Everyone on our team is here to learn and grow, to work on a meaningful product, and to fix capitalism. We’ve spent years lobbying congress to fix the law, and in turn, created this industry.

The role:

As our first Controller you’ll be leading accounting department and financial operations. Millions of dollars flow through escrow and corporate accounts at Wefunder every month, and your job is to make sure every penny is where it should be. You’ll work alongside our CTO and CEO to bring us to the next level - establishing controls, reliable reporting, and scalable processes.